Best Handheld Steam Cleaner Reviews

best handheld steam cleaner

There are as many attitudes regarding Handheld Steam Cleaners, as there are consumers who own them. There are models far better for flooring, others for carpets, and others for grills, boats, or ovens. Some models can be used to clean windows and cabinets, mattresses, pet beds, and refrigerators and include the appropriate attachments. There’s a perfect model for every consumer’s needs.

Fulfilling the Requirements

There are quite a few items to ponder about when bearing in mind which handheld device best meets the specific needs. Figure out what actually needs to be cleaned most regularly, and get the appropriate model.

Consider the weight, some weigh less than three pounds, while others are somewhat heavy – remember the lighter the better to carry. Most models are filled with tap water while others add chemicals, consider the health aspects and the type of chemicals plus the degree to which the steam is heated.

Locating the Perfect Model

Handheld Steam Cleaners are found in a variety of price ranges, and there are models performing well enough for the consumers to rate the products in an extremely positive light. These models rate so highly because they perform the work extremely well by completing the task for which they were designed, and most in a price range making it far more affordable than hiring professional cleaners.

Finding the right product for the chore reduces the labor and tedium of getting the job done with less pain and in the longrun, these models pay for themselves after just a few uses.

Numerous companies build a variety of handheld models that are capable of meeting light or heavy cleaning needs. Regardless of the task, whether flooring, carpets, cabinets, grills, windows, or any other surfaces, there is a suitable model. Some models have very unique features that make them the leaders in this category.

SteamFast SF-226 Hand-Held Handheld Steam

Several models of Handheld Steam Cleaner are available, and the SteamFast SF-226 is an inexpensive model for light cleaning jobs in tight spaces. For $49, it does a good job. With a six ounce tank, the unit cleans for about ten minutes, with water heating in three minutes.

With a weight of a little over three pounds, it’s easy to handle anywhere. This is environmentally friendly and great for small routine jobs such as cleaning grills, refrigerators, ovens, or other smaller surfaces. It is useful for pet beds, mattresses, or fabric.

It can also be used to sanitize toys for children or pets – cleaning without toxic chemical, and saves money on cleaning supplies. It comes with eight accessories including long, short, and brass utility brushes, a squeegee for cleaning windows, a utility head for fabrics, a jet nozzle, and a large steam nozzle for bigger jobs.

The reviews stated it is a low end, handheld steam but it will get minor jobs done, it won’t remove hardened grime or grease.

McCulloch MC-1275

The McCulloch MC-1275 is an excellent canister-style Handheld Steam Cleaner with a price of $150; converting ordinary tap water to steam sterilizing tile, floors, engines, BBQ Grills, patio furniture, upholstery, and other surfaces in addition, it kills dust mites, germs, and other microbes. Designed with a large 50 ounce tank, cleaning continues up to an hour, and assorted attachments allow nonstop sanitizing to an hour without refilling the tank.

Designed into this model is a storage partition for the ten attachments that are available as additional components. It comes with a 12 foot cord. The operator controls the amount of steam being dispersed with an easy to use switch. This model is a little heavier, weighing in at 19 pounds, but easily maneuvered around furniture and stairways.

Many of the reviews stated that they were delighted with the model; however, there are always some who have minor concerns. The most unfailing criticism is that the pressure is not high enough to eliminate mildew; while others say the attachments are flimsy.

Haan HS-20 Deluxe Personal Sanitizing Handheld with Attachments

This Haan Handheld Steam Cleaner weighs five pounds and is one of the lighter handheld steams on the market. The water heats to 212°; extremely effective for removing stubborn dirt and grime in an environmentally friendly manner, free of chemicals or solvents. It saves money because the consumer uses tap water, and protective gloves are unnecessary.

Ordinary tap water heats up in three minutes, with the head rotating 360° for easier maneuverability. A variety of accessories include a copper-topped nozzle, a rubber squeegee for windows, a garment steaming attachment, among others.

The tank holds almost 10 ounces of water permitting continuous cleaning for roughly 15 minutes, and the handle is ergonomically designed and very comfortable to use. Several safety features are designed in with the unit including a pressure locking cap, a stainless steel tank, and robust construction.

Most of the customers reviewing this model really liked the way it performed, but a few stated the biggest problem is having to refill it frequently since the tank is rather small.

Recommendations for Handheld Steam Cleaners

For the Handheld Steam Cleaners there are so many on the market, and they all have their niches in which one performs better than another. Regardless if the job is for floors, carpets, grills, cabinets, countertops, windows, or other specified jobs, the best machines use common tap water producing steam to remove allergens as well as bacteria, grime, dirt, mold, and mildew with no chemicals. There many models in that are very well suited for every customer’s deep cleaning chores.